Why Your Car's Air Conditioning Is Not Just for the Summer Months

Posted on: 9 February 2017

When Christmas is a distant memory and the colder days arrive, many people believe that they don't need their car's air conditioning any more. They believe that the temperature inside the car is perfectly okay, thank you, without even thinking about turning on that switch. Perhaps this isn't the best idea, however. Why should you think about running your A/C at this time of year as well?

Keeping Things Moving

Nobody expects you to drive around with gloves and a scarf on, just for the sake of running your A/C. But you ought to do it periodically, every two weeks or so, in order to allow everything to circulate properly. Turn it on for perhaps ten minutes on its full setting and this will help the coolant to flow through the system as it should.

The coolant is not just doing the job that its name implies, as it is actually lubricating all of the pipework within your car's A/C system. It is keeping those rubber seals in good condition, as well. If you don't do this then the rubber can start to crack and this will induce leaks. Consequently, the coolant will start to drift away and the system will not be as efficient as it was.

Long-Term Damage

This can have a couple of consequences. Firstly, you may have to visit your repair shop more frequently to recharge the system, or you may find that the seals will become so badly damaged that the A/C will not function properly when the summer reappears. You will then have to have the seals changed.

Keeping the Bugs at Bay

You will also find that mould, mildew and bacteria will build up within the ducts if you don't run your system periodically. Moisture will collect, the bacteria will form and will be blown into your face when you do finally start the A/C again!

Moisture Control

Finally, the air conditioning will also help to remove unwanted moisture within the cabin and this will stop your windows from steaming up as you're driving along. If you want to, you can even leave your air conditioning running constantly, but just make sure that the heat is turned to warm. You'll be able to keep everything lubricated nicely and the internal humidity in your car at the correct level.

Taking Action

It's a good idea to keep your A/C in tiptop condition throughout the year, but of course especially before the hot months arrive. Make sure that you give it the once over by taking it in to your mechanic now, while you are thinking about it. Speak with your mechanic for more auto air conditioning tips.