Need for Speed? How to "Mod" Your Car Fairly Easily

Posted on: 13 February 2017

If you spend a lot of the summer yearning for the restart of the Formula One championship in March, you are a dedicated speed enthusiast. It's likely that you may have considered some performance enhancements for your own car, as you like driving it so much. What are some of the simplest, yet most effective, alterations you can make to your vehicle now that won't necessarily cost you a lot of money?

Lighting the Way

The first one is something that you would likely not consider automatically, as it's not really a "true" performance enhancement. However, it can certainly make you drive more effectively and enjoy your time behind the wheel during the nighttime hours.

The chances are you still have ordinary halogen bulbs in your headlights that only give a certain amount of visibility when you're driving those fun rural roads. Fit some high-intensity discharge lamps to brighten your way considerably. These have a secondary amplifier, which emits a certain amount of gas and improves the efficiency of the bulb immensely. They are fairly easy to fit and you have a choice of different "colour temperatures" as well. You can give a slight tint to the white light if you want and these bulbs are generally not too costly.

Breathing More Easily

The second thing that you can do is to fit a cold air intake, replacing the standard solution fitted to your car. You will allow the engine to breathe a lot more easily when it has access to colder air, but do ensure that it is fitted so that it accesses cold air, rather than simply breathing in more hot air from the engine bay. Periodically change the air filters that come with these kits and make sure that they are clean for best performance.

Changing the Boots

When it's time to change your tyres next, upgrade them to high-performance versions with a lower profile. Unless you do spend a lot of your spare time practising as an off-road rally driver, this type of tyre will help your car stick to the road much better. Choose from a variety of different compounds and don't necessarily opt for the softest available, especially if you want them to last.

Want More?

Once you have implemented these fairly straightforward modifications, you can see if your thirst for speed is asking you for more, by talking with a car performance enhancement specialist.