Signs You Need New Leaf Springs for Your Trailer Truck

Posted on: 23 February 2017

The suspension system is essential to the proper functioning of your trailer truck, especially if you carry heavy loads regularly. This is why it is important to maintain it all the time to ensure your trailer truck operates efficiently to prevent unnecessary breakdowns. The leaf springs are a significant component of your trailer truck's suspension. These springs may wear out over time or develop faulty issues. Detecting the problems early enough will save you from costly repairs later on. However, if you don't know what to look for, finding the faulty issues will be a hard task. For this reason, here are a few signs that will point you towards detecting failing leaf springs on your trailer truck.

Visual Cues

Regular inspections of the leaf springs are important to ensure they are in a working condition. When inspecting the springs, look for any missing, cracked or broken pieces and have them replaced if necessary.

Uneven tyre wear is another visual cue you should be keen to notice, especially if the springs are missing or damaged. When your trailer truck's leaf springs start wearing out, they will lead to misalignment of your suspension. When this happens, the weight allocation of your tyres can shift either to the outside or the inside of the tyres, which is why the tyres may appear more worn on either side. When replacing the springs, don't forget the tyres.

Trailer Bouncing When You Drive Over Dips

When driving over bumps, potholes or dips on the road, the leaf springs should keep your trailer truck from bouncing or bottoming out. When the springs start failing, it will be much easier for them to be compressed. When this happens, the travel of your suspension will be more, which is why your trailer will bounce or bottom out frequently when you drive over an unlevelled surface. Failing to take care of this problem early enough by replacing the springs is risking significant damages to your trailer's undercarriage, the transmission or the drive shaft.

Unusual Noises When Braking or Accelerating

The leaf springs of your trailer come with bushings whose function is to act as pivot points for the supporting joints and the metallic arms. They also provide cushioning between those points. If a leaf spring is missing, the remaining bushings may wear prematurely. This leaves the metal components to clank against each other, which is the sound you will hear when driving the trailer truck.

Talk with a professional mechanic to learn more about changes that may need to be made to your trailer suspension parts.