Truck Chassis Repair: A Guide

Posted on: 23 February 2017

If your truck has recently been involved in an auto accident, it may have sustained damage to its chassis and bodywork. If this is the case, an auto repair mechanic will need to carry out a realignment of the chassis. Below is a guide to the process of chassis realignment.

Assessment of the truck chassis

After an accident, it is important that you have your truck inspected by a fully qualified auto mechanic. While the damage to your truck may look superficial, the outer bodywork could be concealing a chassis which has been weakened or compromised. A damaged chassis can make driving the truck extremely dangerous, so you should have it checked out as soon as possible. The mechanic will visually inspect your truck before using a laser to measure the chassis. The laser will provide a precise measurement of any misalignment.

Realignment of the truck chassis

The mechanic will remove the chassis from the truck using a crane and place it onto a heavy duty alignment machine. The alignment machine features hydraulic presses which can generate the large forces needed to press the damaged area of the chassis back into the proper alignment. During this process, further laser measurements are taken to ensure that the chassis is pressed back into its original shape. 

Once the chassis has been realigned, the auto mechanic will inspect the bodywork for any signs of tears or other damage. If any damage is detected, the mechanic will weld additional metal to these spots to reinforce them. The chassis will then be painted before it is reinstalled onto the body of your truck.

The benefits of realigning a damaged truck chassis

Having repair work carried out to realign your truck chassis brings two major benefits:

Repair work maintains the integrity of various systems on your truck: Many other parts of your truck, such as the suspension and steering systems attach to the chassis in some way. A damaged chassis could also compromise the operation of these vital systems.

Repair work ensures the chassis can deal with heavy loads: As a truck driver, you will be asked to pull some heavy loads. The frame of the chassis plays a key role in distributing the load created by the cargo throughout your truck. A damaged chassis may not be able to support a heavy load and could place your cargo and your life at risk.

If the chassis on your truck has been damaged, you should contact a truck repair shop today.