5 Common Auto Repairs That Can Be Done from Home

Posted on: 27 February 2017

Some individuals will only visit an auto repair station when their cars break down. You can minimise your visits to an auto repair shop by learning a few basic tips that can be done from home. These troubleshooting and repair activities can be done at different intervals as instructed by a professional mechanic. Frequent repairs from home will help in reducing the risk of complex problems that would otherwise result in large repair fees.

1. Fluids Inspection - a car uses different fluids, such as brake, steering and washer fluids. It is important to ensure that all the fluids are at the required level and condition. This will avoid any needless delays when the car breaks down. Auto repairs experts encourage replacement of fluids based on the service manual.

2. Brake Pads Maintenance - Brake pads are a major component of the brake system. It is imperative to ensure that the pads are in good condition at all times. Some of the necessary tools to change the brake pads include the car jack, Allen wrenches, c-clamp, hammer and a lug wrench. You can ascertain that your tool box has these tools by visiting an auto repairs shop.

3. Coolant Replacement - different car users have different preferences of antifreeze. The type of antifreeze used in your car will determine the frequency of changing the coolant. Often, a change would last two to five years. The service manual provided should guide you on the type and amount of antifreeze that your car needs. Following the guidelines will prevent the engine from overheating, thus limiting the number of vehicle engine tune-ups or major repairs your might need otherwise.

4. Servicing Your Car Battery - this is among the primary services that are offered for auto repairs. However, to avoid delays that are caused by battery failure making it difficult to start the car, ensure that you check and service it regularly. Focus on the battery condition, terminals and the electrolyte level. A solution of warm water and baking soda can be used to remove corrosion from the terminals. This will increase the longevity of the battery.

5. Spark Plugs Inspection - to achieve a smooth drive and an improved fuel consumption ratings regular check and replace the spark plugs if necessary. You can get compatible spark plugs from any auto repairs joint. Be keen with the plug wires when replacing the plugs.