Trends in the Automobile Industry That will Influence Your Mechanic's Work

Posted on: 3 January 2018

Car technologies and the automobile industry as a whole are evolving at a rapid pace. With constant innovations in car design, safety features and repair methods, car mechanics and their customers need to be aware of how times are changing and what lies ahead for them in the market.

It is especially important for you to know how you will continue to maintain your current vehicle or how to handle car repairs when you purchase a new car.

The use of augmented reality and interconnected devices in car repairs

Augmented reality refers to specific, created elements that apply to the real world through technological channels—for example, mobile applications, cloud technologies and other channels that allow for access of data from mobile locations define augmented reality.

Therefore, moving forward, you should expect your mechanic to begin utilizing these technologies to facilitate your car repairs. For example, mechanics will now be able to monitor various parts of your vehicle remotely and diagnose what issues your car may be experiencing even before they start to fix it.

Mechanics will also be able to utilize special equipment to quickly carry out an assessment of your car when you bring in for repairs.

3D printing for repairing and replacing car parts

As 3D printing continues to gain popularity, it is presenting a cost effective channel for mechanics to source car parts that may need to be replaced. Companies are now beginning to print various car components such as bearings, gears and body panels via 3D printing. This could significantly affect how repairs are done on your car moving forward.

Your mechanic could begin by identifying what parts you need and simply printing those components on site, after which they can be installed on your vehicle. This has the potential to significantly improve how cars are repaired after an accident.

Increased automation in vehicle functions

More automobile manufacturers are making it easier for motorists to drive by automating critical functions. Just like switching gears moved from manual to automatic transmission, other automatic functions such as parking and cruise control are becoming even more popular. Your mechanic will be at the centre of ensuring this automation is effective and reliable over time. They will be the people to turn to when these automated systems need a tune up.

Data security in vehicle systems

As data continues to become tightly integrated with vehicle systems, data security continues to become an issue for drivers. Hackers could access sensitive driver information and cause significant risks.

Moving forward, expect your mechanic to become well acquainted with modern vehicle technologies and to play an important role in checking vehicles for the proper functionality of all critical systems over a period of time.