Knowing When to Take Your Car for Servicing

Posted on: 22 January 2018

Because the rise DIY repair guides has made it easier for motorists to access information about their vehicle, some innovative car owners are attempting to service their cars by themselves.

Indeed, there are some simple services one can carry out independently, while others will need a skilled car servicing professional to address. It's important to know when it might be a good choice to handle an issue by yourself and when it's time to visit a professional.

What you can do yourself

Whether you're a skillful handyman or a newbie to car maintenance, there are some simple actions you can take to resolve minor issues with your car. Some of these include:

Fixing wiper blades

Wiper blades tend to wear out over time and they can end up scratching your windscreen. You can easily replace your wiper blades by purchasing replacements at an auto shop. Removing the old blades and installing the new ones is quite simple to do and doesn't require a trip to a car service (unless the blades are extensively damaged). 

Topping up coolant fluid

Coolant fluid is important in keeping the engine components cool and preventing overheating in your vehicle. The coolant fluid regularly needs to be topped up, and this is something you can easily do yourself. Simply purchase a bottle of coolant and add it to the labeled reservoir.

If you notice that your engine is constantly overheating, you might have a coolant leak. Leaks are best handled by car servicing professional.

Adding tire pressure

Tire pressure is critical towards safe driving while on the road. Make sure you regularly check your tire pressure at petrol stations and inflate them when necessary.

When it's time for professional car servicing

There are some car repairs that are best handled by a professional. If you notice any of the following signs, visit a car servicing location as soon as possible.

Dashboard warning lights

If any of the lights on the dashboard light up, it is time to visit car servicing. Dashboard lights indicate a variety of problems, from an overheating engine to transmission issues. Don't ignore that light when it comes on.

Trouble starting the vehicle

When the vehicle is random at starting the engine, various problems could be possible. This includes a faulty battery, starter, or alternator. Such situations call for car servicing.

Leaking fluids

To finalise, leaking fluids, whether form the engine or other parts of the vehicle, are never a good sign. Take you car for repair as soon as possible.