Car Repairs You Should Never Attempt To DIY

Posted on: 14 February 2018

If you fancy yourself a gearhead, you possibly believe that there is no auto repair problem that you cannot tackle as long as you have the proper instructions and the right tools to go with them. Although embarking on Audi car repairs on your own could prove cost-effective, you should take note that not all car problems are created equal. Some issues need to be handled with a certain level of expertise to ensure that they do not become exacerbated. Not to mention that some repair tasks could pose a safety hazard to you too! If you want the best for your vehicle, the following are some Audi car repairs that you should never attempt to DIY.

Air conditioning repairs

There is a broad range of things that could go wrong when you decide to tinker with malfunctioning auto air conditioning. Firstly, Freon presents a thorny situation, as any leak could be potentially hazardous. Secondly, the air conditioning system relies on incredibly precise pressure settings coupled with a complicated network of tubing, which would need an experienced eye to be handled correctly. Moreover, many of the components that the air conditioning system comprises are deeply seated behind your dashboard with some parts being tethered to your vehicle's computer system. Therefore, if you would like to retain the functionality of your air conditioning system and prevent unnecessary replacement, you have no business dabbling with this auto part.

Differential repairs

The differential system may not be prone to breaking down, but this does not mean that when it develops a problem, it can be easily fixed by a DIY rebuilding of the system. Keep in mind that the gears of your vehicle are delicate components. If any of the cogs are off-kilter, it could have an adverse effect on the entire differential system leading to excessive friction between the parts. Moreover, the point of contact between the various gears that make up your differential is an exact measurement. If the alignment of the gears is not mathematically perfect, the entire performance of your vehicle will be in jeopardy. Rather than risk messing up your differential even further, you should leave any changes and adjustments to a mechanic.

Balancing of the tyres

Most petrol heads will feel up to task when it comes to correcting tyre mounting as they assume it only needs brute strength to wrestle the tyre over a rim and subsequently attaching the tyre back to the vehicle. However, mounting a tyre correctly and balancing all the tyres are on opposite spectrums of auto repair. Tyre balancing requires specialised equipment because if the alignment is even slightly off, you can lose considerable control over handling your vehicle.