3 Actions to Follow When Your Car Breaks Down on the Motorway

Posted on: 6 July 2018

Driving on a busy motorway means high speeds and plenty of concentration to avoid major accidents. But car break downs can sometimes happen and when you least expect it. Breaking down on the motorway can be scary because everyone is driving at high speeds, so follow these actions to stay safe when you're on a motorway at an inopportune time.

Get to the Shoulder or Emergency Break Down Lane if Available

Most motorways in Australia have shoulder or emergency break down lanes so try to pull over to the side as quickly as possible before your car comes to a complete standstill — while continuing to follow safe driving rules. This means that you shouldn't suddenly switch lanes without fair warning or swerve between lanes.

Avoid stopping in a driving lane as you risk getting hit by another car driving at high speeds — this can be extremely dangerous on the road. Moving the car off the road is always safest. And make sure you have your hazard warning lights on so others know that you're stationary.

Try Not to Distract Drivers on the Road

Remember that motorway drivers are travelling at higher speeds than regular roads, which means that any type of distraction can end up being fatal. For this reason, you'll want to avoid flagging down other drivers because this could cause them to lose focus on driving and they may end up losing control — a disturbance that could be fatal. If you do need to get out of the car to identify why your car has broken down, you may want to do so from the passenger side to reduce your risk of coming into contact with high-speed oncoming traffic.

Call a Mobile Mechanic

If you think the problem can be fixed, your best option is to call a mobile mechanic to assess and repair your car on the spot. The car mechanic team will arrive at the breakdown site and are usually equipped with updated equipment to identify and repair the problem as quickly as possible. If you're getting out of the car to make the call to the mechanic, always take the keys with you to avoid getting locked out while you wait. Whatever you do, don't try to fix the car on your own as other drivers may not see you and this may lead to a fatal accident on the road.

Getting your car to a safe location is important when you suffer a car break down on a busy motorway. Call a mobile mechanic as soon as possible to get the problem fixed.