3 Important Tips for Protecting Your Caravan From Damage

Posted on: 20 January 2019

If you are the owner of a caravan, you should invest enough resources in its upkeep. In general, caravans are used quite heavily, and they experience a lot of stress on the road. Therefore, if you neglect proper maintenance, the vehicle will fall apart. In addition, you should remember that the cost of purchasing a new caravan will be high, and the need for extensive repairs can cause you a lot of inconveniences. Here are simple tips to help you protect your caravan and minimise the risk of accidental breakdown.

1. Inspect the Tyres and Wheels

The tyres and wheels installed under your caravan should always be in good condition. If these crucial components are worn out, it will be difficult for your recreational vehicle to support the imposed loads. In general, you should check the tyres regularly for signs of damage and deterioration. If there are cracks, bulges and other forms of damage, plan for immediate replacement. You should also monitor the tread wear and air pressure for optimal long-term performance. In addition, check the rims for cracks and dents, and ensure that the wheels are correctly installed.

2. Maintain the Brakes 

You should make certain that the caravan brakes engage smoothly to prevent unfortunate road incidents. If you have some mechanical knowledge in relation to automobiles, you can check up on your vehicle. Ideally, the handbrake should release and engage correctly. You should also inspect the base plates and cables connecting the braking setup. If there are signs of corrosion, you will need to plan for repairs. Additionally, evaluate the condition of the brake pads. If brake repairs are required for the restoration of your caravan, you should choose professional auto services.

3. Protect From Moisture Damage

It is not uncommon for caravans to be damaged by moisture. Therefore, you should ensure that there are no leaks in your vehicle. Check on appliances in your caravan which can contribute to moisture accumulation such as the fridge. If there are abnormalities in function, conduct immediate repairs. You should also watch out for rainfall leaks. If you find water flowing into your caravan from the outdoors, you should seal the openings immediate.

It is also important to note that leaks can cause rusting and mould growth in your recreational vehicle. You should avoid these problems by cleaning your caravan regularly. With frequent clean-up, you will identify sources of moisture immediately and address the issues. If you find rust or fungi in your caravan, clean the area thoroughly with an appropriate cleaning solution. 

For more information, contact your local caravan repair service today.