Top Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Tips

Posted on: 30 August 2019

A faulty vehicle is a driver's worst nightmare as it could cause accidents on the road. Most car owners today do not know how to take care of their cars. The article below discusses a few vehicle repair and maintenance tips that ensure your vehicle outlives you.

Know Your Limits

There are numerous DIY car repair guides on the internet. However, you should know what repairs can be conducted at home and which ones require a skilled mechanic. For example, while it is easy to change the air filter or engine oil, you may want to avoid complicated repairs such as replacing a head gasket. A simple error could cause engine complications and in severe cases, ruin your engine. 

Vehicle Upgrades

If you intend to use the car for extreme sports such as racing or off-roading, ask your mechanic to conduct some modifications. For instance, if you would want to take your SUV for rock climbing, you may need a stiffer suspension, a lift kit, off-road tires and bushes.

Insist on Genuine Spares

Low-quality spares may be cheap; however, they will do more harm than good. Do not purchase auto parts blindly. Use the OEM number inscribed on the original part to know which parts are compatible with your vehicle. Always seek the advice of your mechanic when purchasing aftermarket parts. For example, if you choose to upgrade your turbocharger ask your mechanic which companies manufacture quality equipment. Alternatively, you could conduct some online research on the reputation of various manufacturers.

Mind Your Safety

Below are a few driver safety tips:

  • Conduct regular vehicle inspections. Check the coolant, engine oil, brakes and washer fluid.
  • Always use the recommended tire pressure. Unequal tire wear indicates wheel balancing and alignment problems.
  • Learn the meaning of various warning lights on your dashboard. For instance, it would be dangerous to drive a car with a low oil pressure light.
  • Learn how to use safety technologies such as lane centring assist, cruise control and lane departure warning to your advantage.
  • Service your car on time. Keep a service record indicating the mileage at which you change the various components. 
  • Observe road signs and be courteous to other road users. 

Finally, your mechanic should specialise in the repair of your vehicle make and model. Such mechanics have a wide berth of knowledge on how to prevent and repair various car problems. 

Maintaining your car should not be difficult with the above tips. Know your limitations, modify your vehicle for enhanced performance, use genuine spares and observe the recommended safety tips.