4 Tips to Help You Purchase Your First Trailer

Posted on: 26 June 2020

A trailer is your best when you need to transport construction equipment, boats, ATVs or your camping gear. Most people have a difficult time when purchasing their first trailer. Below are four tips to guide you as you buy the trailer

1. Carrying and Hauling Capacity

What do you intend to transport? Trailers can be used to carry bulky items weighing tens of tonnes. However, you should check the hauling capacity of your vehicle. Exceeding this limit could damage your vehicle's engine, transmission and drive train. Besides, your wheels will wear out fast. Check the trailer's frame to ensure it can handle the load. Galvanised and strengthened steel may be heavy. However, it will not crack, bend, or rust when loaded or moving in off-road terrain. 

2. Size

The trailer should be larger than the load you intend to carry. As such, you will not have to sell the trailer when you need to transport more items. For example, take a situation where you need to carry your boat and dirt bike at the same time.

3. Customisation

Most companies will customise the trailer to suit your needs. For example, people that need camper trailers would want a trailer with high ground clearance to transverse off-road terrain. On the other hand, a farmer would prefer an enclosed trailer to carry as much produce as possible. Additionally, they may require a refrigeration system to cool products in transit. You could also decide the type of brakes to use on the trailer. Electric braking is affordable, efficient and low maintenance. However, the system could get damaged if the trailer gets submerged in water. Hydraulic surge brakes are a viable alternative if the trailer will be used to cross water bodies. 

4. Buying Used Trailers

You could purchase a used trailer if you have inadequate funds. Below are some useful tips to help you buy used trailers.

  • Inquire about previous use. The frame could get weak if the previous owner overloaded the trailer.
  • Check the trailer's service records. Moving parts should be well lubricated. The brakes, wheel bearings and electric components should be serviced on time.
  • When buying a camper trailer, open the awning and inspect its frame. Besides, electrical components such as the fridge and lighting must be fully functional.
  • Check the trailer's underneath for signs of frame damage and rust. The floors should be rot-free.
  • The connecting components should be in good shape. Otherwise, the trailer could detach itself when loaded.

Proper storage will increase the longevity of your trailer and protect it from harmful elements that might cause rot and rust. Besides, use genuine OEM parts when servicing the trailer.