Is A Failing Clutch Contributing to Your Need for Immediate Truck Repairs?

Posted on: 22 March 2021

The clutch remains one of the most underrated auto parts and this can be attributed to the fact that it is also one of the most durable components in your truck. Yet, the clutch has the critical function of transferring the torque from the engine to the gearbox. Hence, when you want your truck to come to a stop, the clutch has to be functional enough to disengage the connection between the wheels and the engine. Nonetheless, despite its lengthy life expectancy, the clutch is not immune to damage. And if you do not want your truck to be grounded unexpectedly, it is essential that you are aware of what symptoms to be wary of so that you can seek clutch-related truck repairs at your earliest convenience. Keep reading to determine if a failing clutch is what is contributing to your need for truck repairs.

Strange screeching noises

When you start to hear strange screeching noises each time you try to engage the clutch, you must seek a truck repair professional to establish the underlying cause. In some scenarios, the squealing could stem from degraded pilot bearings and this issue will necessitate clutch replacement. However, in other cases, the screeching could come about due to depleted lubrication, as this would cause the bearings to scrape against each other. Ignoring the screeching will leave room for the underlying problem to worsen and this increases the likelihood of damage to other components so it is imperative to seek truck repairs for clutch replacement immediately.

The clutch is sticking

When you press down on the clutch to change gears, the pedal is supposed to go back to its original position the moment that you lift your foot off of it. If this does not happen, it means the clutch is sticking. Sticking is an issue that is typically indicative of a defective pivot ball, clutch cable or cross shaft. If not addressed immediately, you will soon start to encounter problems each time you try to shift your gears. Furthermore, failure to seek truck repairs will lead to decreased fuel efficiency, which translates into unnecessary expenses for you. It is also worth noting that a sticking clutch can adversely affect how your truck transfers power from the engine to the drivetrain and this can make your truck a hazard on the roads. To avoid any unfortunate incidents, it is critical to seek truck repairs as soon as possible.