Essential Tips for Finding a Professional Panel Beater

Posted on: 16 August 2021

Often, there is very little you can do if your car is involved in an accident and several parts get dents and dings. The only option you have is to have it towed to the nearest garage for panel beating. However, most motorists fear that their prized possession will not be the same even after repairs. While such concerns are understandable, using the services of a professional and reputable panel beater helps allay such fears. Such a panel beater understands how much you value your car and will stop at nothing to ensure it is restored to its pre-accident state. This article highlights qualities you should look for in a professional panel beater.

Original Parts

Most people assume that a panel beater uses authentic parts to replace damaged components. However, the last thing you want to do is make assumptions about smash repairers. Therefore, ask a panel beater if they only use genuine parts before working on your vehicle.

Variety of Repair Techniques

When your car arrives at a panel beater's workshop, the first thing they do is conduct a damage assessment. It allows a panel beater to estimate the cost of repairs, duration, components required, and the repair technique to use. Notably, car body damage, such as minor dents and dings, can easily be addressed with paintless dent repairs (PDR). However, it is only possible if a smash repair service offers PDR as a dent removal technique. If they do not provide the service, they will most likely use traditional panel beating techniques. It means sanding the dented area, straightening the body panel, and completing paintwork. Therefore, if you do not want to go through the process, take your vehicle to an auto shop offering various repair techniques.

Professional and Quality Paintwork

Severe dents, such as corner dings and deep indentations, can only be repaired through traditional panel beating methods. It means that a smash repairer must hammer out dents from behind, sand the damaged section, then give it a fresh paint coat. However, repaired areas should be similar in shade and smoothness to the rest of the car body. You can only get quality paintwork from a smash repair shop using quality auto paints and boasting years of experience in car paintwork. Therefore, it is essential to get reviews and referrals from previous customers regarding the quality of paintwork.

If you need help with a car repair after an accident, talk to a panel beater.