Benefits of Vehicle Painting During Car Repairs

Posted on: 16 February 2022

An auto collision can cause massive damage to your vehicle. You may face issues with bodywork such as removing dents or replacing an entire door or panel. One of the issues that may not be at the forefront of your mind when this happens is the paint job on the car. In fact, that may be the last thing on your mind. The truth is, there are several benefits to scheduling vehicle painting at the same time as your car repairs. Here are some of those benefits and what to know about them. 

Reduced Future Damage

When there is cracked paint from an auto accident, it can cause damage to your car. The cracks are not just cracks in the paint. They are cracks in the seal that effectively covers the metal of the car and protects it. This means that if water or ice comes in contact with the metal of the car it can cause rust and other issues. Over a long period of time, the rust can begin to eat at the metal and cause the need for further repairs and possible parts replacement on the car. By having vehicle painting as part of the repair, you can ensure this seal is in place and the metal of the car is protected. 

Even Tones

An issue you may have with the paint on your car deals with the batch of paint. Colours are done in batches. Though the colour may be labelled the same, the tone of the colour can be slightly off. It may be slightly lighter or darker. This usually would not be noticeable. However, if you have an older paint job you may have a hard time matching the tone due to the age of the batch. When you have the car painted during the car repairs stage, you can ensure an even colour and even tone. 

Upgraded Options

If it has been several years since you have had a paint job on your car, you may find there are several upgrades now. You can have the car painted with UV protection paints. You can also have options that help reflect light, keeping your car cooler. Other upgrades offer more durability which can help protect your car against further damage and the need for car repairs. Your auto repair technician can help you with determining which options are ideal for you and which options may be suitable for your living environment. 

When you take your car in for repairs, your technician may ask you if you want the paint job included. If they do not mention vehicle painting alongside the car repairs, discuss the option with them. They may have to mark off more time for your car and will need to schedule appropriately. If you have any questions about the paint or about the repairs in general, ask them during the consultation.