Maintenance Tips for a Landscaping Utility Trailer

Posted on: 26 April 2022

As a small start-up landscaping business, ferrying a lawnmower to and from a client's property requires a specific efficiency level. Landscaping utilities are an excellent accessory for this purpose, and the best part is that loading and unloading a lawnmower becomes a breeze. However, a utility trailer's performance depends on how well you maintain it. Therefore, it is surprising that some landscaping start-ups skimp on trailer maintenance. This article highlights tips for maintaining a landscaping utility trailer.

Store Trailer with Tongue Up -- A typical mistake start-up landscaping businesses make is storing their utility trailers with the tongue parallel to the ground. Most people do it unwittingly, but it only exposes the equipment to problems. For instance, a landscaping utility trailer parallel to the ground allows water, snow, and debris to accumulate and settle on the wooden platform, metal railings, and frame. Debris such as leaves can stain the wooden platform, and accumulated water and snow can accelerate rusting. Therefore, storing a trailer with the tongue up allows water, leaves, and snow to roll down behind, keeping everything clean.

Keep Adapter Off the Ground -- Some utility trailers do not have independent indicator lights. Thus, the models are best used far away from highways. The reason is that trailers without indicator lights make it difficult for drivers to communicate with other motorists. It might explain why landscaping businesses should invest in landscaping utility trailers with indicator lights. Since trailers do not have a power source, they are fitted with connector plugs to supply automotive power. In most cases, the connector adapter is located along the tongue; hence, it can easily fall to the ground when a trailer is not in use. You should prevent the mishap because dirt can enter the trailer connector plug and block connectivity. Similarly, water can enter the plug slots and cause an electric shock during connection. You can prevent the issue by tying the adapter cord around a trailer's tongue since it remains clean and dry.

Grease the Fold-Up Ramp Springs -- A utility trailer must have a ramp system to allow you to drive a lawnmower on and off the platform easily. Typically, the ramps are made of steel to accommodate the heavyweight of most commercial lawnmowers. However, lifting stainless trailer ramps several times a day without any mechanical help can take a toll on your body. It is why trailer ramps systems feature a spring-loaded system to allow for easy lifting and lowering. Therefore, keeping the spring system well-greased guarantees smooth movement when loading and unloading a lawnmower. Look into trailers near you for more information.