How Car Service Centres Can Reduce the Inconvenience of Your Next Visit

Posted on: 29 June 2022

If you made a commitment to buy a new car some time ago, you know the importance of that investment. You will want to look after the vehicle as much as possible so that you can get as much money as possible when you sell it, enabling you to get a nice replacement. You'll also want to service it when recommended so it will remain reliable and get you back and forth to work as needed. Yet you may struggle to find the time to take your vehicle in for each major service. After all, how are you going to deal with everything else you have to face that day without transportation?

Difficulties Getting Around

Unfortunately, the public transportation network is not as good as it could be in many parts of Australia. This is why people rely on their car so much for commuting, taking the kids to school and everyday necessities. It may not be easy to find some form of transportation when you drop your car off at a service centre, knowing that you have to find your way back there to pick it up later.

Investing in Their Customers

This type of inconvenience is not unusual, and service centres are certainly taking notice. After all, they want to ensure that you bring your vehicle in for each major service, so you can maintain your car properly and will continue to be a happy customer.

Courtesy Cars to the Rescue

Forward-thinking companies now have courtesy cars on hand. They maintain a fleet of these vehicles for good customers like you so that you will not be inconvenienced when you bring your vehicle in for its appointment. Instead, you can pick up the courtesy car with the compliments of the management and use it in place of your regular set of wheels. In most cases, this will be just for that day, and you can come back to the service centre to pick up your refreshed vehicle. In this way, you can go about your normal business and have no excuse for missing that all-important checkup.

Making Up for Lost Time

If you have a major service appointment in the near future or may have recently missed one, get in touch with your local service centre today. Ask them if they can supply you with a courtesy car and make the necessary arrangements for the visit. Call an auto service to find out if they offer car service courtesy cars.