• 3 Benefits of Regular Car Servicing

    Some car owners make the mistake of believing that the only time they need to take their vehicle to an auto garage is when it has developed a fault. The rest of the time, these car owners drive their cars without bothering to inspect the tyres, change the oil or inspect the spark plugs. The only action these drivers perform on any regular basis is refuelling it at a gas station. [Read More]

  • Howls, Bangs, and Whistles: Why Could Your Transmission Be Making Those Noises?

    Most people don't understand what the purpose of a differential is, or even if they have one. Unless you're looking at a vehicle designed for off-road use, manufacturers don't tend to talk about the differential when they're trying to make sales, but that doesn't mean it isn't a very important component. What you need to remember is that wheels actually spin at slightly different speeds. The job of the differential is to distribute the torque created by your engine between two parallel wheels. [Read More]

  • 5 Common Auto Repairs That Can Be Done from Home

    Some individuals will only visit an auto repair station when their cars break down. You can minimise your visits to an auto repair shop by learning a few basic tips that can be done from home. These troubleshooting and repair activities can be done at different intervals as instructed by a professional mechanic. Frequent repairs from home will help in reducing the risk of complex problems that would otherwise result in large repair fees. [Read More]

  • Qualities of a Good Engine Repair Shop

    Taking good care of your engine is one of the many ways to ensure the long life of your car. The engine is the lifeline your vehicle; you can keep it running efficiently and save money on repair costs by carrying out proper engine maintenance and attending to engine repairs as soon as possible. However, the first step to achieving all this is locating a good engine repair shop. Here are some of the critical qualities to look out for in an engine repair shop. [Read More]

  • Signs You Need New Leaf Springs for Your Trailer Truck

    The suspension system is essential to the proper functioning of your trailer truck, especially if you carry heavy loads regularly. This is why it is important to maintain it all the time to ensure your trailer truck operates efficiently to prevent unnecessary breakdowns. The leaf springs are a significant component of your trailer truck's suspension. These springs may wear out over time or develop faulty issues. Detecting the problems early enough will save you from costly repairs later on. [Read More]

  • Truck Chassis Repair: A Guide

    If your truck has recently been involved in an auto accident, it may have sustained damage to its chassis and bodywork. If this is the case, an auto repair mechanic will need to carry out a realignment of the chassis. Below is a guide to the process of chassis realignment. Assessment of the truck chassis After an accident, it is important that you have your truck inspected by a fully qualified auto mechanic. [Read More]

  • Helpful Ideas for Keeping Your Car Battery Happy

    Practically anyone who has owned a car has likely encountered the situation of trying to turn over the ignition, only for the car to choke back at you as the engine fails to kick you into gear. A good way of avoiding battery depletion is to do a check each time you exit your vehicle. After checking the handbrake is engaged and the gearbox is in neutral, double-check that your lights and any other battery-powered devices are turned off upon leaving. [Read More]

  • Fuel Tank Maintenance Tips for Truck Owners

    If you own a truck, then you know the importance of a fuel tank, especially if you travel long distances or to remote places regularly. A reliable fuel tank offers peace of mind as well as safety. For instance, leakages could leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. However, very few truck owners make a deliberate effort to maintain this critical part. Most are not aware of what to do, or they simply assume that nothing bad could happen to a fuel tank. [Read More]

  • What to Do If Your ABS Warning Light Comes on

    Anti-lock braking systems are one of the most innovative developments in the world of motoring from the last decade or so and originated in the testbed of motorsport. They can be highly beneficial to the average daily driver, as they can help you to stop the car in an emergency. The ABS system relies on a series of sensors, which detect how each wheel is turning in relation to the road surface beneath. [Read More]

  • Need for Speed? How to "Mod" Your Car Fairly Easily

    If you spend a lot of the summer yearning for the restart of the Formula One championship in March, you are a dedicated speed enthusiast. It's likely that you may have considered some performance enhancements for your own car, as you like driving it so much. What are some of the simplest, yet most effective, alterations you can make to your vehicle now that won't necessarily cost you a lot of money? [Read More]